Hello, He is

Angel Oscar Molina Manfut

Public Complaint - Do not trust!

Who is He ?

He was a member of our company, he is an untrustworthy person!

More than $20,000 was stolen from the CIA for equipment, materials and vehicles for supposed projects to be started, fraudulently keeping the CIA's assets.

Personal Info

  • Phone 1 : + (346) 244-9963
  • Phone 2 : + (832) 875-5579
  • Address 1 : 5716 Werner St , Houston, TX, United States
  • Address 2 : 4000 Watonga Blvd Apt 2604, Houston, TX 77092-5344.
  • Address 3 : 9301 Highlawn St Houston, TX 77022-2041 (Here there are records that he is the director of a Church in the area)

This Person claims to be a partner of Hannah's AHB LLC, was removed from the partnership for fraud and theft.

Report if you have seen him!

He is a liar!

Don't do business with him

He says he knows but he is not qualified!

Do not trust!

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If you see him in Texas or another state, please send email!